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Do you have visions for your home and need a remodeling contractor you can trust at the best price to do a quality job to completion? 

Do you want expert guidance and creativity to enhance and make manifest your own visions?  Someone who ‘gets’ what it is you’re seeing and can go beyond that to what really needs to happen to make it work? 

Do you want the work done on your home to be at the highest level of craftsmanship, built to last, and to ‘work’ within the space? 

Do you want someone on your property whom you can trust implicitly and enjoy having around? 

Shad Fitzherbert is a master carpenter with 32 years of experience doing custom woodworking and design. He is an absolute professional who not only knows his craft, but all the codes that must be adhered to and why they are so important. 

He’s done the oversight and quality control for large crews at huge construction companies, and can scale your project to the number of workers necessary. If you need an electrician or plumber, he knows the best people to call in.

Make your project not only a joy to behold, but a rewarding creative process to experience.

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What Works for You?

We’d love to hear about your intended project and share our ideas about it, with no obligation. We totally understand you have to go with your gut. If it’s leaning in our direction, give us a call, or use our contact form to get your lifestyle moving forward.

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