About Us

Shad has 32 years of experience doing custom woodworking and design. He also has experience in all phases of home construction. From driveways to foundations to roofs. He knows what he is looking at and what will work for each client to make sure they are happy with the end result. He can work with projects large and small. He has been there and done that — from brand new multi-million dollar homes to a modest remodel.

  • He has also taken down, repaired, moved to another state and rebuilt old barns-think 1800s hand-built bank barns here and multi-state moves.
  • He has run construction crews for multi-million dollar construction companies and done their oversight and quality control.
  • He has worked closely with code people, zoning folks and architects to make projects and all construction happen and ensure they are correct.
  • He specializes in looking at a space and designing what a customer wants when even they are not sure what they want.
  • He also specializes in taking a customer’s vision/wants/needs and making it come to life — from a custom-designed and scratch-built live side kitchen island to custom deck and screened porch designs, he has done it all.